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    I have an unsubbed AoC account that I want to trade for an EVE toon with around 20m sp. Combat oriented. Male. Good name (no toons like "IBATHEINMUSTARD" or [censored] like that.) AoC account info: All toons on Tyranny (US PVP SERVER) Level 66 Barb with near best gear for his level. Nice name. RP suitable. Horse. PvP 2. Cloak of Munin (purple cloak from Amp. Best barb gear from Amp instance. 1666/600ish KDR. Level 68 Bear Shaman. Name is good. RP suitable. Horse. Cloak of Munin and best BS gear from AMP. pvp 2 with positive KDR (cant remember exact stats) pvp 2. free stat remap. Level 60 Necromancer. Name is good. RP suitable. Horse. Decent KDR. pvp 1. free stat remap. Level 58 Conqueror. Name's good. RP suitable. Horse. Negative KD(first toon). pvp 1. Free stat remap. Level 43 Assassin. Best gear possible at this level. Nice KDR. Nice name. Horse. pvp 2. Level 23 Guardian. Name is RP suitable. Just a pvp toon for WS that does surprisingly well with polearm. Best gear possible at this level. FREE LEVEL 50 when you sub the account. (new promotion from funcom is UNUSED). Total estimated gold would be around 30-40 across all toons, but it has been awhile so that is not an exact number. I never did any mining/crafting with any of these toons. They all have good reputations (if they even have "reputations&quot and were alot of fun to play. Unforunately, I just kind of fell out of AoC. This account also has another account attached to the master account with a lvl 66 ranger with the top gear from AMP. A really nice KDR, Mammoth, good name, horse, gold, etc. Although you would have to create 2 subscriptions for this to be playable as well. Ideally, the EVE accout I would trade for would be a male Verohkior with 20 million skillpoints and almost all of them dedicated to pvp or core skills. If interested, please reply to this with some info about your EVE toon and ask any questions about the AoC account that haven't been addressed. Thanks for looking
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