WTT: Amazing account - 2 level 50's - populated pvp server for D3 gold

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    Looking to trade my swtor account for diablo 3 gold. Has 2 level 50's Think I'm around legacy level 32ish? might be higher, haven't logged in in a while. Main character - Level 50 Mercenary Fully geared out in best in slot gear from hard mode raids - all augmented (except ear/implants/relics) Was part of a top 10 worldwide raiding guild Crafting - Max armstech, max scavenging, max slicing Has all augment recipes. ----------------------------------------------- Secondary character - Level 50 Jug Full Rakata - i think he might have some campaign Full tank and DPS sets for pvp and pve. Crafting - Max Artifice, Max treasure hunting, Max archeology. Has 3 of the top tier enhancements including the rank 26 endurance/power/surge enhancement This character is the only person on the server that can make these enhancements and they sell all day long for 500k each ----------------------------------------------- Account has around 3m credits, and then another 3-4m worth of enhancements, and mats to make some more on it. There are full sets of Champion and Centurion gear on the jugg (you can no longer get this gear in game - it was removed a while ago) Mercenary has all titles associated with raiding and was one of only 4 or 5 mercenaries in the whole game copied over to the public test realm as a max level character with gear in tact. ----------------------------------------------- I am looking to get D3 gold for this account - I don't want anything else, if I can't get D3 gold then I will just let the account sit. My Aim is T6druid - post here before messaging me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.