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    I have an Aion Pre-order Collector's Edition account with gametime until November 22, I am original owner of. The account has multiple characters, A 24 Elyos Cleric 17 Elyos Spiritmaster 16 Elyos Gladiator 14 Elyos Ranger 13 Elyos Assassin All characters are on Lumiel {NA} server. All with great gear for the repsected level. The Cleric has about 280k kinah on him and his geared and ready for the abyss with top of the line greens stated for MP/HP. Has a crafted mace and stigma ready for 25. I'm looking for a WoW 60 day gametime card AND a paid transfer. I will only do this with someone who has decent rep or is verified. I'll discuss details with this person on AIM My AIM is leothres231. Thanks for your time. PS. Post here before contacting
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.