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    As the topic says, I'm considering trading my 50 templar (EU) for a WoW account (EU). Looking primarly for a paladin and/or a warrior that are movable across realms. (the more chars, the merrier, as i've sold my old WoW-account) The templar has all the must-have stigmas (Terrible Howl, Incite Rage IV, Divine Slash IV, Unwavering Devotion, Aether Armor, Break Power III, Inescapeable Judgement + 3 advanced stigmas - Divine Justice - Greater Restutication and Magic Smash) - Has started and done 1/4 of the Greater Stigma quest (DP). Done the 2 first advanced stigma quests. - Has done 2/3 of Spirit Blade, only adma fort left (Fenril's Starter). Done all other campaigns. - Is a 449 armorsmith, server first with many recipes. (and ready for 4th part of Fenril's with that) Also a 230ish alchemist. -Has all the Flame set recipes (DP S ranked boss req) Have yet to make one though. - Has approx 350 Balaur scales (20 needed per DP run, so quite set for that). - Has banked alot of armor fluxes (a few premium expert ones, for fenrils too) With alot of end game ultra-rares (40ish Brilliant Orichalcum ore, 20ish Brilliant mithril ore, 30ish brilliant aether ore) for future crafting. - Has finally an atk % modified Greatsword, in addition to the gold 1h/shield combo with a silence godstone on the 1h. - Stocked up all high end scrolls and some pots (500ish) for future travels. - Gotten the 40 quested Mass-pull, bought the 42 and 46 books. - Has approx 1 mill + items on broker atm, after buying alot of balaur scales recently. - Has a great reputation and is among the first lvl 50ies on the server, as its younger then the rest (server that is). - Has 1 golden medal, 6 silver. - Has the best wings ingame (Both the +30 flight 100 hp and the + 60 flight 11 million worth wings!) - Collectors edition, soon eliglable for the 6 months Vet reward (great stat wings) - A few alts, 22 assassin amongst, nothing higher though. I've prolly forgotten a few things, i'll keep the post updated though. PM's that havent posted here first won't be replied.
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