WTT : Aion Acc. For WoW Acc.

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    Trading my Aion Account for an 80 WoW account. Preferably Druid/Warrior with decent pve/pvp (atleast current seasons t1 weapon). Aion account has around 500k on each server. One server has 31 Asmodian Sorc / 25 Asmodian Gladiator, the other server has a 25 Elyos Cleric. Please note this is also a Collector's Edition account. The Sorc has around 180 in Alchemy/Tailoring/130ish Handicrafting, the Gladiator around 170 Weaponsmithing and the Cleric 199 Armorsmithing. Another good aspect is this account is linked to SZ Bot for another 20 days or so. I HIGHLY recommend this bot to anyone looking to level fast or make a lot of Kinah. This account has NEVER been reported as when I bot I am at my computer and check my ./restriction status. If you have any questions please PM me on the forums and I will get in touch with you. I am paypal verified and + rep on these forums. No bull****ters need apply.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.