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    hi all ^^ . in my account ive got cleric lvl 55(asmo) and another cleric lvl55(elyos) and an SM lvl55(elyo) and a chanter lvl55(elyo) who has : full viellie armor +15 (better than storm wing) and shield+15 and warhammer abg+15 , and my accessories are: ABG helmet , ABG belt , 2omega earrings , and the rest are DP accessories. Ive got 2 asmos at the account + the rest are elyos. in my cleric elyo (LVL 55) ive got AT LEAST 1billion500millions kinah and at least 20 god stones + at the backpack ,at least, 300 manastones and 2 warhammers: viellie +15 warhammer and yamnes warhammer. in the bank ive got ALL viellie stuff: lether,chain,plate,weapons,shields.....and also ALL StormWing stuff:chain,plate,weapons,shields.... ive got StormWing Wings (the yellow ones). Ihave 1million ap points. Im all Padmaska skins. Ineed an account in InfiniteAion and my account is in Elit sv (a pvp server).
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