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    hi all ^^ . in my account ive got cleric lvl 55(asmo) and another cleric lvl55(elyos) and an SM lvl55(elyo) and a chanter lvl55(elyo) who has : full viellie armor +15 (better than storm wing) and shield+15 and warhammer abg+15 , and my accessories are: ABG helmet , ABG belt , 2omega earrings , and the rest are DP accessories. Ive got 2 asmos at the account + the rest are elyos. in my cleric elyo (LVL 55) ive got AT LEAST 1billion500millions kinah and at least 20 god stones + at the backpack ,at least, 300 manastones and 2 warhammers: viellie +15 warhammer and yamnes warhammer. in the bank ive got ALL viellie stuff: lether,chain,plate,weapons,shields.....and also ALL StormWing stuff:chain,plate,weapons,shields.... ive got StormWing Wings (the yellow ones). Ihave 1million ap points. Im all Padmaska skins. Ineed an account in InfiniteAion and my account is in Elit sv (a pvp server).
Thread Status:
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