[WTT] Account (with 50 sentinel) for WoW account (don't care about chars)

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    I sold my wow account and now regret it because swtor is not what I was looking for (although the pve is good) and am looking for an account to get back into the game. I do NOT care about the chars the account has I just want it to be upgraded to cata.

    The swtor account has 14 days of play time left.

    I have:

    50 Sentinel (melee dual wielding light saber)
    36 valor rating (50 or 60? rating gives best gear)
    several champion pieces (relatively decent pvp gear)
    ~8500 light side points (10000 is max)

    Has completed the jedi knight story line and awarded the Master title

    PvP West coast server

    Please skype pyromaniak100 if interested

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    Actually scratch that I have changed what I am asking, I want 90$ instead of a wow account (game is 60$ + i have a lvl 50)
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