WTT (A) Paladin, Great Titles, Great gear, Most hardmodes down

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    Hello spamsite, -I am looking to trade my WoW 80 paladin for High Level LOTR Account, preferably lifetime sub. US Only -The paladins gear is full epic for all specs besides holy. Has multiple DPS trinkets including Bandits insignia / Mirror of Truth / DMC:Greatness / and Fury of the Five Flights. -The tanking gear was my main set, and has the best out of all of the sets. You will be able to see more in the pictures I post. -The paladin also has 2 rare mounts, the Twilight Drake from 25man OS 3 Drake (hard PVE encounter) and the Swift Razzashi Raptor from Zul'Gurub (Alliance player on a horde mount is always fun!) The Achievements he has are impressive, including 8 hardmodes in 10man, and about 9 hardmodes in 25 man. His TITLES are The Undying Champion of the Frozen Waste of the Nightfall Twilight Vanquisher Elder Jenkins Of Stormwind and I think somemore The account has a month left of game time on it. I would prefer your account to have game time on it as well, but if your gear is good enough I wont mind [​IMG] This is a overall great character to start your adventures in WoW with, or just to start up WoW again [​IMG] Post here before Contacting, AIM Is in my signature. Pictures in this thread spamsite/forums/ubbth...Gre#Post2871396
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.