WTT (A) Paladin, Great Titles, Great gear, Most hardmodes down! PICS

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    Hello spamsite, -I am looking to trade my WoW 80 paladin for a 80 AOC Account. No Guardians unless there is more than 1 80 on the account. (I dont like to tank). -The paladins gear is full epic for all specs besides holy. Has multiple DPS trinkets including Bandits insignia / Mirror of Truth / DMC:Greatness / and Fury of the Five Flights. -The tanking gear was my main set, and has the best out of all of the sets. You will be able to see more in the pictures I post. -The paladin also has 2 rare mounts, the Twilight Drake from 25man OS 3 Drake (hard PVE encounter) and the Swift Razzashi Raptor from Zul'Gurub (Alliance player on a horde mount is always fun!) The Achievements he has are impressive, including 8 hardmodes in 10man, and about 9 hardmodes in 25 man. His TITLES are The Undying Champion of the Frozen Waste of the Nightfall Twilight Vanquisher Elder Jenkins Of Stormwind and I think somemore The account has a month left of game time on it. I would prefer your account to have game time on it as well, but if your gear is good enough I wont mind [​IMG] This is a overall great character to start your adventures in WoW with, or just to start up WoW again [​IMG] Post here before Contacting, AIM Is in my signature. Pictures... Bank The Rare Flier The Rare Ground Mount Reputation, Exalted with almost ALL Northrend factions Ret PVE Gear Ret PVP Gear Tanking Gear and Titles POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING
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