[WTT] A GREAT us account for an EU acc of the same quality

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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    hi there first post here I have this old Us account (I play since the beta) but now I'm playin with friends in the eu servers,so I'm interested to trade it with an equal (or the most nice one) eu acc. Here's my account: 1080 wins Almost ALL champions (68),I don't have Anivia-jarvan-maokai-lee sin-brand-nocturne Runes (3 pages,ALL tier 3): MARK atk speedx9 armor penex9 magic penex9 crit chancex9 magic resistx9 armorx1 SEAL apxlvl x9 crit chancex9 mana regenx9 armorx9 magic resx9 GLYPH atk speedx9 apxlvl x9 magic penx9 crit chancex9 mana regenx9 magic resistx9 QUINT atk speedx3 armor penex3 %cdx1 apxlvl x3 hpx3 magic penx3 crit chancex3 atk dmg x1 SKINS: -Nightmare chogath -UFO corki -vandal jax -King rammus -WHISTLER VILLAGE TWITCH Pm me for info or offers,I can sell this account too just for GOOD offers (prefer to trade..) Ty bb!
Thread Status:
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