WTT (A) Druid PVPGear! RELENTLESS WEP! Factionchange DOWN!

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    -I am looking to trade my 80 male night elf druid. This is a fresh new account, never been traded before and i'd like to find some one that is willing to take good care of him and not w.hore him around like a lot of the accounts on spamsite, considering this is a legit account and it would be most foolish to throw this account around carelessly. -Your AOC Account must be GOOD GEAR, since i'm trading for a game thats not so good compared to WoW. No Dark Templars, No Tanking classes. Casting perfered but will look at everything. -I am not the OO but I have gotten the account from Toonstorm when he was level 70. Since then I had a faction change, but no server transfer. -There is literally nothing special about this character other than his PVP Gear, which is -FULL- Relentless offset, -FULL- Deadly mainset, and of course the great RELENTLESS WEAPON AND OFFHAND! PVP STATS - 960 Resil 23400 Health 2534 Spell Power -He has NO Epic flier, he DOES have dual talents, and about 50 gold on him. Alch is 426 herbing is 450. -Obviously he has PVE gear but still uses relentless Belt / Bracers and cloak. He has 1 pc 7.5, 1 pc t7, and 1 pc t8.5, I didnt raid much on him but I only pvped. -He is at a 2108 PERSONAL AND TEAM rating at the moment, with points coming in Tuesday. I will look at all offers but mind you those two classes are what I am shooting for. I am not in a hurry to trade this account, I have worked hard for the PVP Gear and rating. AIM is in my sig... I have ALL INFO, POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING
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