[WTT] 85 Mage, 81 Warrior TOPS OF VANITY for SWTOR 50.

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    I have an 85 Gnome mage, gear is outdated, have not played in a while. Warrior is 81, both have pretty sweet vanity. Both toons have server first titles from WOTLK (Extremely Rare only 25 per server for each raid) Both are decked out in blizzcon stuff a Murloc costume on each toon, yes it's account bound, but having two is much easier then mailing it back and forth. big blizzard bears grunty etc. Mage has tons of rare titles including salty, some rare mounts malygos 25 mount and many more.

    I am the original owner of this account, and can provide ID scans, and CD keys.

    I would prefer the SWTOR account to be republic side on a pvp server, but accepting all offers.

    Please contact me on aim for more details + armory. XxXNikkoHXxX
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.