WTT 85 H Paladin for Eve isk

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    As title says, im looking to trade my wow account for eve isk. Account overview: He has a Holy and ret set, the holy set is slightly better, however he is easily ready for most raiding. Also Has Ret PVP set, 5pc furious + furious weapon. Profession is JCy at almost cap and maxxed archeology. Epic Flying, Fossilized Raptor Mount, Ice Mammoth are the interesting ones, Has clockwork gnome, fossilized hatchling, Pterrodax Hatchling and Voodoo figurine. Lots of trinkty interesting stuff from archeology. Chasing between 3-6B isk. Contact me here, on aim: savolion or : [email protected] Willing to show my rep on another buy sell site so you can see that i have alot of reputation under my belt.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.