WTT: 85 Dranei (Female) Holy pally 85 Orc warlock.. Lots of Alts, BOA's Gold.. Currency!

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    LF aion... must be an amazing account since wow is much more mainstream and sought after.. idc how much more time you spent getting yours.. I Got this account from the OO and have ID scan, OO is a ****** mofo.. cool guy that i plan on keeping in touch with.. Pally just is not my thing! All Toons have: 280% Flying*, Flying License, King Slayer Title 85 Draenei Holy Paladin, iLvL: 354 Currently Has: -7257g 94s 92c -1572JP -1640VP -105 Tol Barad Commendations -963 Honor -521 Enchanting/525 Mining *-310% Flying -PVE Gear only -Over 75 Vanity Pets, including Nether Welpling(Collectors edition of Burning Crusade pet) -Rusted Protodrake, Netherray Mounts, multiple drakes(that arn't that cool imo) -Offsets in Ret and Tank but they are not raid worthy (ret is almost there) -Vanity set of T4 (full with wep and trinkets) and Tier Token pieces for majority of T6, Kept all of my T10 Set 85 Orc Warlock, iLvL: 340 Currently Has: -8822g 24s 9c -475JP -350VP -308 Honor -525 Herbing/Inscription -No special pets here or mounts -Kept T10 set -Darkmoon Card: Volcano -No PVP gear :C 80 Undead DK Currently Has: -176g 84s 11c -Geared in Tank or DPS for leveling -Full t10 set for dps What I want: AION:::::: If you're the one I choose to trade with: Personal Info, Secret Answers, pretty much everything that goes with the account. I will want to add you on social networking sites and I will want your home and cell phone numbers (You will, of course, get mine in return). Try and scam me and I will make sure your account gets banned and mine doesn't (I've done that multiple times) make sure the admins know that you're a scammer, and make sure that you will not be able to scam anyone else again. ---------- Post added 04-21-2011 at 06:49 AM ---------- AIM = Ashund1337 TY
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