WTT 80 Hunter 3/5 Hateful *Epic Flying* For runescape pure!!

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    80 Hunters Gear: Truesight Ice Binders Hateful Gladiator's pendant of Triumph Spaulders of resumed battle Ice strider's Cloak Hateful Gladiator's Chain Armor Hateful Gladiator's Wristgaurds of Triumph Hatestrike (+50 Attack Power) Knife of Incision (+ 50 Attack Power) Nesingwary 4000 Hateful Gladiator's chain gauntlets Vereesa's Silver chain belt Hateful gladiators chain Legggins Trespassers Boots Hateful Gladiator's Band of Triumph Ring of Invincibility Medallian of the Alliance Anvil of Titans On the account there is also a 70 Shaman (in full 70 epics) and a not bad 39 Twink Rogue. All the characters are alliance. The hunter is a Night Elf Male. The Shaman is a Draeni Female, and the Rogue is a Human Male. The hunter has epic flying, 441 Engineering, and 450 Mining. Unbuffed he has 21169 HP and 9413 Mana. 3523 Attack Power, 807 Agility, 29.05% chance to crit. Im looking for a nice runescape range pure, or a very nice main account with alot of cash. Serious offers only please. I am the original owner of my WoW account and have all of the information for it. So dont try to scam me because i can get it right back. The only AIM i use is Lakaiman0202. Hit me up.
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