WTT 80 EU WoW Hunter for Good AoC 80 Character

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    Race: Blood Elf Sex: Female Gold: 21k+ Gear: Most of her gear is from 25-man Naxx, and she has some 10-man Naxx gear, like her weapon. She also has one blue trinket. Tradeskills: 450 Engineering / 450 Mining. Cooking is around 420, and Fishing is about 320. Mounts: I have the green proto-drake, and the white polar bear mount, also have some others like the hyppogrpth. Reputation: Exalted with all but Thrallmar in Outland. Exalted with a few WOTLK factions, including Sons of Hodir. Achievements: She has about 4.3k APs. Other stuff: She has some parts of the epic PvP set. Alts: 75 Druid (Old Main) 70 Priest 74 Death Knight 71 Shaman 20 Rogue (2x Balanced Heartseeker and +10% Shoulders) Thanks for reading.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.