WTT 70 Epic BE Pally 70 Epic Tauren Warrior 60 Rogue for LoTRo Account [email protected]@K

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    Hey guys, Ive decided to leave Warcraft because it just isnt for me anymore. I simply do not have the time to devote to that game to do the things I want to do. I have two accounts. First is my OO Account, with a 70 BE pally on it and a 60 Rogue. Pally is very well geared 1600+ healing and thats with a blue weapon( one of VERY few blues). 375 Miner 375 Engineer and EPIC Flying Mount, yes Epic flyer! About 400g on hand with several hundred more in primal airs. Rogue is a very recent 60 but was a former 49 twink so has some very good gear still, and he is Undead Male. The second account was given to me from a friend in game 8 months ago. I do not have ANY info except User ID and Password, however, I have had this account for the last 8 months, and all I can do is assure you, nothing will ever happen to it. Not sure what else I can say there. Its a 70 Tauren Warrior(Male) almost all epics, MS Spec with Thunder(2 nethers away from Deep Thunder). 375 Blacksmith 375 Mining. Normal Flying Mount. Also has a Tanking set good enough to start Kara with, not epic'd, but has 490+Def rating and is uncrittable and uncrushable when shield block is activated. 12,700HP unbuffed. What am I looking for? Good question. I just started playing the free trial of LoTRo and I really like it. I started with a Guardian, and would prefer a Guardian, however I am taking any account into consideration. I undertand my two accounts are pretty decent, and I also realize that I am probably going to be getting the worse end of the deal, however, I have nothing wrapped up into these accounts except my time, and time is what Ill be saving by getting an account from you, so im opinion, im making an even trade. Contact/Trade "Musts"- I require you to post here before contacting me. If I get an IM I will go and look at this post first to see if you sent a message here. If you did not, you will be blocked, so be forwarned. I will also require a phone conversation, if you cannot talk to me over the phone, then I am sorry, you will not be doing business with me. NO EXCEPTIONS! I will be giving you all of the info including first and last name, sqa, change of email on the Pally account, and user name and password on the Warrior account. If that is NOT ok with you for the Warrior, like I said, I dont have any more info on it, dont contact me if you can't understand that. My Contact information is as follows. AIM- WoWOrcLock there are no numbers in there, only letters. You can also email me @ [email protected] I will leave AIM on all day, if for some reason I dont respond, dont worry, leave your offer and I will get right back to you, I promise! Also, the Warrior and the Paladin are newly transferred both on PvE servers(US) and cannot be transferred for about 2 months. However, like I said, no friends or anything on the new server to worry about, I am simply not known. Rogue is xfer ready though also on a PvE server. Thanks for looking and let the offers begin! p.s. I say offers but dont be scared to offer. If I like it, I will simply trade on the spot. I am not looking to draw this out, since I am not loooking for anything too specific.
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