WTT 70 Blood Elf Warlock for AOC Account (if you can mail me the game)

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    Please disregard my Negative, if you read it, you will see that it was because I accused the wrong guy of scamming me, which I dont belive is worth a negative. Anyways.. Want to trade a 70 Blood Elf Warlock --All Heroic Keys --16 Badges on him --Flying Mount --Partially NAKED, It has a superman look going for it, Cape, Gloves, belt, etc. it has both rings, both trinkets, merc glad wand, Vindicator bracers, and 12k+honor (i'm gonna be pvping till I get the right offer, so more honor to ya), Also has 4 18 slot bags, 3 equiped one used as a bank slot, has a 28 slot soulshard bag, which is the biggest you can get I belive. 2 Epic ground mounts. --About 60+gold --344 Tailoring --In a kara raiding guild --Transfer Up --On a PvE Server, MALE Blood Elf --I also have a fully epic paladin on the account with over 1900+healing. This character was transfered to a new account when I was keylogged so... I guess what I'm trying to say is if you can get him back he's all yours. I tried and I cant. I am the Original Owner of the account and have all the information. I expect you to have the same. Please be the Origninal Owner. I dont like trading accounts that have been traded in the past, One recall and the whole chain is broken and accounts get recalled faster then you can say... we'll anything Please Aim me at Talint18, I will be on all day pvping Edit: Will trade for an Age of Conan account, if you can send the game in the mail.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.