WTT 70 4/5 S3 Ret 5/5 S2 Holy Pally PVP Tnsfr Up for AOC high level

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    Ret Stats are through the roof and S4 Ret Pallys are getting huge buff. 500 Gold and another 300-400 in supplies in bank to sell. Currently 1820 AP self buffed 30% to crit. There isnt a better PVP Ret Pally on server. Has 4/5 S3 Ret only missing shoulders but has S3 2 handed sword. He is the capt of 3 1830 arena teams. Dorys Embrace, Bloodlust Brooch, World Breaker etc. for Ret. He has Full S2 Holy gear with everything enchanted. Nice Set of Spell Dmg gear for shokodin build. 9500 honor pts and 1300 arena pts stored. I am looking for a high level AOC preferably barb shaman or Assasin Ranger on PVP server preferably on Doomsayer. AIM: voipmanchris
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.