WTT: 60 Sorcerer Israphel/Asmo for 60 Sorc/Temp on Siel/Asmo!

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    Hey, I'd like to trade my 60 Sorcerer on Israphel/Asmodian for your 60 Templar or Sorcerer on Siel/Asmodian. Now my Sorcerer's details:... __________°GEAR°__________ ==Full 60 c1 Arena Set== - Karif's Tunic +5 (MAcc Socket) - Hules Leggings +1 (Mboost Socket) - Hules Shoes +1 (Mboost Socket) - Hules Gloves +1 (MAcc Socket) - Hules Pauldrons +1 (MAcc Socket) A old Divine Coliseum Champion's Tunic +1 (MBoost Socket) for higher MB. __________°WEAPON°__________ Master Durable Darkwater Tome +15 (MAcc socket) with PVP fusion and a 3760 Firedmg Godstone Noble Coliseum Champion's Globe (MBoost socket) with 19% Attackspeed fusion and 3760 Firedmg Godstone __________°ACCESOIRS°__________ - Level 50 Archon PVP Necklace - Level 55 Archon PVP Earring (x1) - Level 55 Omegas Earring (x1) - Level 55 Ragnaroks Ring (x1) - Level 60 Kahruns Ring (x1) - Level 55 Ragnaroks Sash (x1) Divine Coliseum Champions Bandana (PvP Hat) Storm Wings __________°Craft & Gathering°__________ - 440 Tailoring - 230 Essencetapping - 340 Aethertapping - 175 Alchemy __________°Misc. & other Informations°__________ Both Stigma Tree's full! (DMG & CC) Huge amount of Major Divine (AP) Serums. 700x MP + 700x HP (= 1,4kk AP worth) 20 Mithrils (ALL Mithrildaily at 1 / 30 rpt. so u can do them still) 1200 Courage Insignias 8000 Crucible Insignias 24 Kahruns 93 Guestpetal 24 Arena of Glory Tickets At the moment the Character has 50kk Kinah and a huge amount of Food, Scrolls, Potions and such. In addition it has a big stock of L70 - L100 Enchantmentstones in Vault, probably worth 150kk. It has a real neutral looking which don't really has to be remodeled (male). Stats are: 2350 Mboost 1985 MAcc 1650 MRes 7600 HP 1000 MSupp Screenshots, Videos and further Informations just after contacting me. I'll surely show you the Character in-game too if you like to. You can contact me here or in : timo.asbach
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