WTT: 50 SWTOR Jedi Guardian, 100 valor rank, white color crystal! For NW Diamonds!

Discussion in 'Neverwinter Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Neverwinter, 9/18/13.

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    Looking to trade my swtor account as i don't play anymore. Only thing I'm looking for is Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, I'm looking for: 10 million, for this account.

    Account does not have the expansion purchased, but is a preferred player.

    Level 50 Jedi Guardian, Prophecy of the Five server, Rakata(with some 61 mods)/Black Hole mix for PvE gear, War Hero Gear for PVP. Has the white +41 endurace colorp crystal. Has max biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy.

    Has 350k credits on him. 2015 Ranked Warzone comms and 792 REgular Warzone comms, among others. Also has 690 Cartel Coins.

    Pics: imgur: the simple image sharer

    (the stats are with 0 skill points spent, they got reset)

    imgur: the simple image sharer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.