/WTT 50 sith assassin CE 5+mil credits. battlemaster full PVE/PVP epic gear tank/dps!

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    Pictures AssassinPVE.jpg picture by reecegoble - Photobucket AssassinPVP.jpg picture by reecegoble - Photobucket Wanna list that the account has over 80 days of gametime left! that is a long time to play this awesome account! Alright guys this is a Rare offer and I'm hoping to get what I'm looking for. I have a Battlemaster sith assassin sith race muscle body build for sale or for trade. it is a Collectors Edition account! has all Datacrons!!!!! Full professions!!! Artifice/Archaeology/Treasure hunting! epic schematics! He has so much gear for every spec both PVP and PVE. battlemaster lightsaber! comes with 5+ million credits to buy any crystal you want come patch 1.1.5!!!! Legacy lvl 15 with awesome name! full affection on most used companions! well respected on server can get into any hard core PVE or PVP guild! I prefer to show him in game to potential buyers and traders because there is so much on this guy you gotta see it! Looking to sell for $200.00 firm or will trade for either millions of credits on Vrook Lamar or Ajunta pall. Or will also trade for either a Powerlevel of a lvl 32 Sith Jugg or will trade for a Sith Jugg on a RP server only!!!!! Aim is [email protected] please contact me today!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.