WTT 50 Sage BM / The Unyielding Full Rakata / BM Gear. Mounts etc.

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    Looking to trade my 50 Sage on Daragon trail PVP us west server. In the number 1 republic guild for PVE and PVP. Valor rank 63 Battlemaster. With full BM gear (not including off pieces) I use two rakata pieces when I pvp for the set bonus. Currently specced and geared for healing, but can dps easily. HAS TITLE FOR DOING NIGHTMARE KP the unyielding (one of around 32 people on the server to have it) 1 of 8 republic side very rare title). Has mounts from both hardmode KP and hardmode SoA has 4 piece rakata, rakata lightsabre, BM lightsabre 1 million credits. This account is 100% ready for new content. You can make dps gear set, or just wait until new content comes out and wreck it. Whatever you want to do this toon has you covered. I'm looking to play imperial, any class except agent is fine, must be similar gear and valor. Jugg ++++ Mara +++ BH merc or powertech +++++ Sorc +++ Assassin + I WILL ALSO CONSIDER A VERY PIMPED OUT WOW ACCOUNT. Shaman +++ Mage +++ Pally +++ POST HERE FIRST MUST HAVE REP NO EXCEPTIONS.
Thread Status:
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