WTT 50, Rogue, 50 Cleric on EU pvp Bloodiron for Runescape

Discussion in 'Rift Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Rift, 10/1/13.

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    Hey im trading my rift account for Runescape as im quitting rift because all my brothers are quitting for runescape and i need some golds! :P The account itself is a very good one it has over 50 Plat, 1 epic mount 1 norm mount, alot of repuation, maxed out Buthering, almost maxed outfitter, armoursmith and mining. Both these chars were greated for endgame PVE and dont have anything Pvp wise but can still do alot of damage in pvp. The rogue: level 50 Dwarf ; female ; Guardian: The rogue is the best equippted charr i have, it has almost full tier 2 gear and bits of green scale loot, it can pull some really nice dps in raids as both range and melee, it has 4 specs, tank, melee dps, bard for support in dungeons and raids and Range dps which i use most because its nice , the rogue has gear to give himself around 36% crit, in raids it goes up to about 46%, 220+ hit rating so the bosses in greenscale doesent avoid his attacks, and has completed 4/5 greenscales lair, and had greeny to about 23% phase 4(uber hard) The cleric : level 50 : dwarf ; male; guardian this char has full tier 1 gear with bits of tier 2, it has 3 specs and its main spec is ranged dps, followed by healing warden 9water healing which includes tons of hots, and its other spec is melee dps shammy and druid, it has an epic mount and has enough focus for greenscale raids, tier 2s, and 1's. if you would like some pictures of my account then send me an email at [email protected] Thanks!
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