[WTT] 50 Powertech PVP DPS Geared. 12/14 Champion gear 110% speeder 500k credits.

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    I want to trade my DPS PVP geared powertech, for something republic side, prefer Gaurdian, Sentinal, but entertaining all offers of equal gear. (I would consider a marauder)

    The powertech has maxed profs Bioanal, Biochem, Diplo. Valor rank 53.
    This is one of the rarest classes, and I don't know why. I almost always top the dps charts in warzones. He's on a PVP US-East server, Standard / High pop. Which side wins warzones is about 50-50 during peak hours, republic tend to win on off times.

    Two companions are maxed our affection, one is at about 7000/10000
    110% light V Speeder, 500k Credits.

    If you want anymore info on it, or have an offer to make contact me on aim

    Aim: XxXNikkoHXxX
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.