WTT 50 Guardian (All light blues - LIFETIME subscription) for WoW Account

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    Trading my LotRo account for a WoW account. LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION FOUNDER ACCOUNT Has 5 Characters (All amazing, rare names) on Arkenstone Server: 50 Guardian (All pages collected all legendary traits, amazing armour, great name) 32 Minstrel (special level 25 mount since this is a Beta Founders Account) 3 other level 10 characters Guardian has light blue gear in every slot except helmet (mirrored helm isn't as good for tanking as what he is wearing). Has the title "Reclaimer of Mirdanant", one of the first on the realm to get the title back in the day. Best of the best. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_%%/cool.gif Grand Master Mining, Foresting, Tailor. I've played since the Beta, but stopped after my guild downed Thorog a few times and I finished most of the Helegrod quests. I got back on for about a week after every patch but just couldn't get back into it. It is no longer in a guild, and hasn't been played in about 3 months. I don't PvMP at all. --- I've gotten it's block percentage up to PAST 86% temp buffed, base of about 28-30% block with just Guardian's Defense buff. Contact me on AIM: JBLee2404 I would really like a Druid or Mage, but any class would do. Must have partial T6 and at least some PvP gear. Any server as long as it is available for Server and Account Transfer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.