[WTT] 50 Assassin all epics 4.3mil creds V rank 53! FULL profs n more!! or trade for RP

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    Please read before you post and contact me!

    Hey everyone I am putting up for sale my lvl 50 Male Zabrak Assassin he is got so much on him I cant name it all and ill wait for you to see him in game cus he is worth it!

    He does have all but one epic it is in his bottom relic spot but its a lvl 50 relic. he has full pvp/pve dps gear and a tank champions double bladed lightsaber on his companion! Valor rank 53 with 1000 merc comendations.
    he also has full affection with his companions!

    He has all bank slots and tabs purchased! and his bank is full of crafting mats and sellable gear if you need more money but he already has over 4 million credits! he has tons of epic crafting schematics and has mats to make them too!

    his professions are 400/400 artifice
    400/400 treasure hunting
    400/400 archaeology

    Im sure Im leaving something out and will show him in game for you to see! Ill be on all day so contact me!

    I am also willing to trade for a LVL 50 character male on a RP server. Gear doesnt have to be like mine just be on RP server and lvl 50!

    [email protected]

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    Forgot to mention that there is a lvl 41 BH merc also on the server!
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