WTT: 5.8k Gearscore icc25/10 DPS WARRIOR for EVE account/isk

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    WHAT I WANT looking for a combat focused eve char Carrier +++++ Golem ++++++++ should come with 1 of the best ship it flies Will also trade for 10b isK Under the condition that it is not from an isk seller I do not want to get paid in isk you bought so it can be taken away the next day WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU Warrior's armory The World of Warcraft Armory - Bloodrag @ Korgath - Profile Also has a PVP set consisting of relentless/furious gear Has epic flying/dual spec comes with 3k gold, 440 arena points 40k honor, 31 frost emblems and just over half of a tanking set You will get: The accnt name/pass , secret question/answer, full name on account I am the Second owner of this account. The first is a personal friend who quit because he's a ***** An idscan/phonecall to verify me is available if you can do the same/are repped Question welcome [email protected] on aim or email the address
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.