WTT 41 Elyos Assassin | great gear | Azphel server | fabled abyss gear | CE

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    This is a repost going to make this short, will link character's profile upon request. the Assassin is on the Azphel(east coast) server Crit Capped 600k kinah 58,700 abyss point gloves(fabled) 58,700 abyss point boots(fabled) Alts: 28 spiritmaster 19 sorc currently on 4th part of fabled weapon chain quest. 10k abyss points CE wings(CE account) has a ton of armor/weapon fluxes/green manastones(11 +5 attack stones for when u finish the fabled weapon quest) I am the OO, everything is under my name, can give every piece of info. will add in a pic in a bit, doing an instance atm, tank went afk for 5mins so im making this rly quick [​IMG] what im looking for: TEMPLARS!! preferably 40+ will look @ other offers, idc what server/faction. honestly if you're a 40+ templar with decent gear i will more than likely trade u. POST HERE FIRST! aim: powaranger1991
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.