WTT: 4 80s / 81 for EvE Online Account/ISK

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Heya, I quit WoW a bit ago and want to trade off my account for a new EvE Account or ISK. My Account consists of: 81 Paladin - 4/5 wrathful with other cool 80 gear, rusted proto! 80 Hunter - was a 5.8k+ GS so ok gear, has The Seeker title along with zebra mount 80 Warrior - was also around a 5.7k+ GS 80 Priest - was 5.4k+ GS, nothing amazingly special 80 Deathknight - was a bank alt Hunter/pally/warrior have epic flying! Obviously Cata enabled ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not entirely sure what I can get in EVE terms...but throw me some offers, i'll most likey accept it. AIM: [email protected] E-mail is the same
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.