WTT 30 lvl Acc EUNE

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    The account currently has 189 RP and 2518 IP. As far as Champions, Skins, and Runes are concerned... Champions: -Ahri -Alistar -Amumu -Annie -Ashe -Darius -Evelynn -Fiddlesticks -Fiora -Gangplank -Garen -Gragas -Heimerdinger -Janna -Jax -Katarina -Kayle -Lulu -Malphite -Master Yi -Mordekaiser -Morgana -Nasus -Nunu -Olaf -Orianna -Pantheon -Poppy -Rammus -Renekton -Riven -Ryze -Shaco -Shen -Shyvana -Singed -Sion -Sivir -Skarner -Soraka -Taric -Teemo -Tristana -Tryndamere -Udyr -Urgot -Varus -Veigar -Vladimir -Warwick -Xerath -Xin Zhao -Zilean Skins: -Unchained Alistar -Amethyst Ashe -Bildgewater Katarina -Judgement Kayle -Blacksmith Poppy -Super Teemo Runes: -3 runepages for AP,AD,Tank which is practically all you need. For this account I do not want much. I trade it either for a 10 euro RP code or a top lane character skin code (Augmented Singed, Redeemed Riven, Championship Riven, etc.. etc..) In order to contact me, you can either send me a PM on this forum or e-mail me at [email protected] Looking forward to your offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.