WTT: 2x Wow Acc a/o Aoc acc a/o Aion a/o Eq2 acc for EVE Char - Look inside!

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Hi all, i'm the desperate finding of a eve online account. Possibily something skilled and with ships/isks at least to begin. I'm willing to trade all of your choice between this accounts. Might all give them all! 1: Wow Lvl 80 Draenei Female Paladin on EU PVP Server 5700 Gear Score Retribution Gear Main spec made off ICC 25 stuff. Blacksmithing/Enchanting. Some mounts, and the chopper! Active for 2 more weeks. 2: Wow Lvl 80 Draenei Female Warrior on EU PVP Server 5100 GS Tank and 4600 GS Dps. Nothing big but a nice start! + Lvl 80 Druid on EU PVE server. Just dinged as restoration and might (it will) need some work on it. 3: Aion Lvl 50 Asmodian Templar Telemachus Server Blue geared with Fenris quests to do. (It's a basic Tank set). 4: AoC Lvl 80 Guardian + 79 Bear Shaman Tank is blue/epic geared. I have mounts and some money on it. 5: Eq2 Lvl 80 Kerra Male Shadoknight on VOX US PVP 54 Plat - Decent starting gear. 1 month gametime Last expansion probably incoming^^ All this or something of your choice for a decent eve online char. I will provide all infos and activate the acc of your choice for a month. For Wow i can add a transfer paid by me to balance the trade! Let me know if you are interested and leave here your AIM/ (pref)! Ty
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.