WTT 220 trox shade + 125 trox nt, clan, RK2 (for items/credits)

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    note: PM me here and I'll get email notifications. I haven't played my account in months. However I do play on a friend's account a fair amount (he quit, and I liked his toons better). So I'm looking to trade my account for items. I'll start at a 1B credits min bid with a 3.5B buyout. Will accept: * QL295+ Combined Sharpshooter (value: 450M / piece) * QL295+ Combined Commando (value: 600M / piece) * RBP (value: 1.5B) * Two-Dimensional Hole (value: 250M) * Subspace Mesh (value: 200M) * MetaCerebellum Ring (value: 250M) ... Will consider other items on a per-case basis. My shade's account expires on January 19th. Auction is open until Jan 12th (1 week prior) or until buyout is met. I'm doing this to gear up a new toon so if the min is never met I'll let the account lapse in case I ever decide to play it again or until I get a buyout (I'll re-activate in that case). Toons: Trox shade, 220, clan, RK2 ... solos reactive armor / biodome key mobs ... some DB gear ... 2 x QL300 Ofab Viper mk 6 ... decent spirits with bags of buffing spirits ... some Pande gear ... great for farming ... this is NOT one of the Trinity project shades, nor is it one of the currently active trox shades. It has a good rep with those who have met it (but is not well known) and a respectable org history. Trox NT, 125, clan, RK2 ... setup for Ely heckler kiting (instant business) ... does not have a bad rep (ie, I don't have the patience to fight for heckler spots) and has a good org history ... could be regeared for PvP quickly 20ish soli neutral agent, rk2 ... handily parked next to a GMS terminal for all of your shopping needs. NOTE: I haven't built up equipment profiles for each yet, but I will if requested. I'd like to see if there is real interest before I do. This is how the exchange will take place unless a better method is given: * I will log in on my shade * I send you my username/password * While I'm logged on you change my username/password (for account and for forums) so that I can't log in again * You trade me the gear * I pass the gear to my other toon * I log off * You own the account PS. If you change my passwords without trading me my gear, I'll stay logged in and contact Funcom about a threat about being hacked and that I can't log in to my account anymore. This process protects us both.
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