wtt 220 keeper for ady or enf

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    The main on this account is a 220 CLAN Keeper, optimized for PvP and a true Expert PvP monster. He comes with over 2000 token and the 2500 Paragon board, has killed many many aliens to reach AL17+ and done a fair amount of research. Keeper got a fine selection of 300 ofab armor, Dustbrigade armor and pande/beast loot and is wielding a QL 300 ofab Wolf MK6 - the best sword he could possibly have. His exclusive setup includes nice items like APF-Belt, superior icy shoulderpads of explosive power, fly catcher specs and tons of fine raids utils/huds/deck items. He got many garden key including inferno garden key and also has the decrypted data core to enter sector42 (highest alien playfield). He is extremly strong in PvP without limiting his PvM skills in the slightest but should you decide to change something there are no less than 20 IPRs available The most remarkable alt you have possibly ever seen is a 170ish clan FIXER twink (below 175 of course) - this incredible char got up to QL 230 symbiant twinked on! He did ALL the important research and got over AL15+! His QL 175 ofab hawk MK5 dualed with QL 188 enchanted waterfall does provide the abilitiy to land AS/burst/fling/full auto in the ultimate fixer alpha that can kill most chars right away. He is currently using Grid armor MK3 but has done specialisation quest 1-3 and could switch to CSS + (uploaded) shadowweb MK5 easily. want to trade for a 220 ady or enf must be rk1 and clan side pm me with info on char
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.