WTT 220 agent/217soldier/220 fixer for 220 solitus agent!

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    as the title says, i'm looking to swap for a solitus agent. currently i have a 220 opifex fixer and a 220 atrox agent on one account and a 217 soldier (solitus) on a seperate one. I have grown tired of these characters and i would love to play a solitus agent. requirements for the agent: -must be 220 (but if you have something 215+ leave me a reply and i'll consider that too) -must be setup somewhat (i will provide mostly my own armor from my other toons) -I would prefer it to be on rk1, but rk2 works as well. -i would prefer omni, but clan/neut is okay too. -must have garden keys -must not need a great deal of work (by this i mean i don't want to spend days getting him into shape to play, i want to just be able to play) - must have some research done - must have the mk6 rifle. My agent has: - level 220 and ai level around 20. - 3 pen. ofab pieces (chest and sleeves) - full symbs setup (all of which are 240+) - about 30k Vp sitting around - 1k token board - ofab mk6 rifle - currently setup to use the piercing evil ganking setup but that can be changed easily - the agent ofab back armor - all nanos needed - research level about 40 - beast pads - various other goodies i can't think of, just ask if you have any questions the fixer has full symbs, some t3 pieces, ofab mk 5 weapon (keep in mind fixers only use the mk5 and not the mk6), perfect pvp perk setup, ai level about 20,a few pand items (mostly from sides) decent enough concealment to sneak from most people, a bunch of twinking items including 250+ refined ability implants, various other goodies. i haven't played this toon much recently as i have been playing the agent. the soldier is 217 with ai level around 20 as well. he has just about every soldier weapon ever dating back to the beginning of the game, dreadloch shark, a few items from the dreadloch camps, 1500 token board, full symbs (ql 220-250 iirc), a bunch of rare no drops, and much much more (feel free to ask). so as i mentioned i want a 220 solitus agent. depending on the condition of the character i might not be offering all 3 of the characters (if anything i would probably take the soldier away if needed to make it even). Send me a pm on here and i'll get back to you a.s.a.p. you can also simply leave a reply here. i 'm available to chat in game as well. i am in the pacific time zone. note: if you have an opifex agent who meets the above requirements and is in good shape i may be willing to make a deal for that as well, so feel free to contact me if this is the case. another important thing: the accounts have just about 1k hellcom points between them. thanks for your time!
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