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    Hey guys, I have another account up for trades (ONLY). All the characters are on the same account and Rk1. All are Omni also. 220 Solitus Adventurer - has mediocre amount of stuff. Comes with beast star, communications relay, both ofab weapons, great NCU and good board. The armor is decent, mis-matched between pen ofab and tier. Most nanos up to date and most research finished 220 Atrox Enforcer - The enforcer has great hud (beast star, comm relay, etc) items, ofab sword and good NCU. Armor is fairly decent, mis-matched between t3 and pen ofab. Great symbiants also, but can be updated to ql300 if wished (not much of a change though). 211 Atrox Agent - Fairly stripped ATROX agent but with some good things. What I'm looking for: I'm primarily interested in a Soldier, but I want a decent Keeper/Advy/Fixer/Soldier with good nodrops as well. I don't care about armor at all (that can be gotten anyways) but I am more interested in the hud items, weapons and board, rings and what not (basically, what nodrop he has). Symbiants aren't much of a matter either, but would be good. The character MUST BE 220 with a fairly good amount of research and AI levels AND ON RK1 Important! The character MUST be unknown, and the identity kept safe. Recently, some of the accounts I have traded for have ended up already known ingame as either ebayed or traded. If this becomes apparent with your account, I WILL make sure you pay -- BIG. If you also think you might have an account I would be interested in, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please contact me either by Email or : Email: [email protected] : [email protected] If you want other means of contact, email or PM me and I'll get right on it. Thanks!
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