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    Heya =) Both accounts is on rk1 account 1: 216 adv / 211 doc / 172 keeper / 168 fixer / 156 enf 60 sol. fix got GA4 a few symbs, but needs work Adv got som penultimate 300 ofab, 300 mongoose mk6, beast star, ancient defender and infused, inf garden key, boots and hhab and pande access ring.. keep stripped, got a few 175 penultiamate ofab parts, 175 ofab sword mk6 doc is mostly stripped, but got left hand of grace equiped, still works really nice to solo in inf enf is a twink with a SoC 2 ql 200 cm parts and rest ofab. 16k hp etc. sol was a twink, stil got jame blaster, ai tank and implants on. just need armor. This account also got a 168 nt on rk2, fully twinked, owns bs :p havent been alphaed by the best yet [​IMG] and is a good kiter ( yes after the stupid patch ) been kiting alot latly [​IMG] ( solo ) Im the Original owner of this account [​IMG] Account 2: This account aint so good =) 174 MA, ip layout is very good, but mostly stripped, need symbs and armor :p 170 agent twink, got sps and is perked for gank atm, works really nice =) 60 MA stripped.. Also the orignal owner of this account. For more info and offers add me on : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.