WTT 2 80s (4/5 t9 dk) and holy pally +74 vanity alt for 30+ Sin/Glad - SOLD

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    Ill keep this as short but detailed as possible. Im trading my battlenet with 2 80s and a vanity 74 for a 30+ assassin or gladiator, possibly a templar. I will list the characters and their info. They are all on 1 account. Blood Elf DeathKnight Pics/armory: ://wowarmory/character-s...e&n=Saidan ://i298.photobucket/albums/m...an/Dkt9set.jpg ://i298.photobucket/albums/m...i7an/DKDBB.jpg ://i298.photobucket/albums/m...DKCurrency.jpg Gear: 4/5 t9 (conquest) Frostforged Helm Dual Blade Butcher Planestalker Signet Belt of the Impaler Sparkling Onyxia Tooth Pendant Naxx/Ulduar/t8 offspec tank gear Skills/Currency: 446 Inscription 450 Jewelcrafting 450 First Aid 44 Conquest 13 Triumph 25 Champion Seals 10k honor Mounts/Vanity Bronze Drake Black War Bear Hallowed Helm The Horseman's Horrific Helm (level 80) Direbrews Remote Romantic Picnic Basket Notes: This Dk is the ultimate character. He does insane dps (I always do 5.3k+ on elite training dummy unbuffed!!) and has best gems/enchants. He has almost every WotLK faction exalted besides Sons of Hodir (Inscription gives me shoulder enchant). He also has dual-spec! For titles though, he only has Champion of the Frozen Wastes. __________________________________________________ ________________ Human Paladin Pics/armory: ://wowarmory/character-s...&n=Chritty ://i298.photobucket/albums/m...allytitles.jpg Gear: Naxx 10/25 Holy gear Embrace of the Spider Various Naxx tank set Savage Glad Ret set Skills/Currency: 441 engi 200 BS 411 Coking 328 Fishing 450 First Aid 15 heroism 9 valor Titles: Guardian of Cenarius Merrymaker the Hallowed Notes: This paladin is perfect for pursuing your career in any spec. She is geared for holy mostly, but has a somewhat decent prot set. Can easily heal heroics for conquest badges to eventually buy t8. The paladin has alot of Bc reps exalted and has the Cenarion bird flyer, and all the Regular/War Talbuks. __________________________________________________ _______ 74 Human Rogue Pics/armory: ://wowarmory/character-s...r&n=Atlier ://i298.photobucket/albums/m...an/Rogues3.jpg ://i298.photobucket/albums/m...eNetherwin.jpg Gear: 4/5 s3 1/5 s2 Full Vindicators Dorys Embrace WotLK questing items Skills/Mounts: Onyx Netherwing Drake 375 LW 445 Mining 397 First Aid Notes: Very nice vanity rogue. Easy to level and show off your s3. Along with that, he flys around on a sweet netherwing looking cooler than anyone else =P. He has most BC reps either exalted or close to. Insane and fun at pvp also! __________________________________________________ _______________ That is the overview of the account, besides some level 30s-40s alts (some have heirloom gear). Its a very nice account that has 2 80s, one insanely geared, and a sweet vanity alt. I have all information to this account and it will be completely safe. Im currently looking for a 35+ assassin or gladiator, possibly a templar. Just contact me at one of the following places: - [email protected] Aim- West Ti7an Post before contacting Post before contacting Post before contacting
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