WTT: 10.2k Achievement Arena Master, Battlemaster, Of the Horde, Conqueror Paladin

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    Hello I am currently looking to trade or sell my paladin. I do have ID scan for this account and personally guarantee this account's safety (guarantee is voided upon any attempts to sell/trade the account). This account is a PVP BEAST. Tons of Pvp achievements and is a completely loaded account. The Paladin: Gear: Ilvl 355 Average 5/5 BT Ret With Vicious Weapon/Offpieces Full PVE Ret Set Beginning of Tank Set Currency: 7k Gold 3.2k Justice Points 1.2k Valor Points 1k Conquest Points 700 Honor Points Noteworthy Mounts: Has a Total of 91 Mounts a few Highlights Include : Swift Zulian Tiger, Rivendare's Deathcharger, Camels, Cenarion War Hippogryph, Celestial Steed, Fossilized Raptor, Sandstone Drake (40-60k Gold Mount that Turns you Into a Dragon), Green Proto Drake, Nether Rays, Ironbound Proto Drake, Rusted Proto Drake, Mechano- Hog, Red Proto Drake, Brewfest Ram, Venomhide Ravasaur, Violet Proto Drake, White Polar Bear, X- 53 Touring Rocket + many many more Noteworthy Titles: 30 Titles In All a Couple Highlights Include: Arena Master, Battlemaster, Conqueror, Of the Horde, The Undying, Associate Proffesor, Duelist, Guardian of Cenarius, The Argent Champion + More Vanity: 10.2k Achievement Points! Swift Zulian Tiger Lvl 60 Onyxia Weapons Exalted with Zandaler Vampiric Batling, Baby Blizzard Bear, Blue Clockwork Rocket Robot, Spirit of Competition, Phoenix Hatchling + Many More Rare Pets 140K+ Honorable Kills 10+ Rare Artifacts and On 3 Currently (Tyranades Doll is one of them *lvl 359 BoA Healing Trinket*) Lots and Lots more Vanity! Proffesions: 525 Engineering/451 JC/525 Arch What I Am Looking For: Rift Account MUST BE LVL 50 WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LOWER LEVELS Must Have Good Gear A Descent Amount of Plat would be nice Mages++++++ Rogues+++++ Clerics+++ Warriors++ Contact me on Aim : johnboyy805 POST HERE FIRST OR BE IGNORED
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