wtt 10/25man ks drenai shaman for eve toon

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    Level 80 Alliance Male Draenei Shaman Restoration (0 / 5 / 31) Elemental (31 / 5 / 0) Gearscore: 6088 Achievements: 5700 Conquest points: 410 Gold: 5236 Honor Points: 944 Notable Pets: disgusting oozeling, giant sewer rat WoW Armory: Armory Profile - | AskKuz Noteworthy Titles: Ambassador Argent Defender Brewmaster Champion of the Frozen Wastes Crusader of Darnassus/of Thunder Bluff of Gnomeregan/of Sen'jin of Ironforge/of the Orgrimmar of Stormwind/of the Undercity of the Alliance/of the Horde of the Ashen Verdict of the Exodar/ of Silvermoon of the Nightfall of the Shattered Sun Starcaller The Argent Champion the Diplomat the Exalted the Hallowed the Kingslayer the Patient the pilgrim Twilight Vanquisher Noteworthy Mounts: Black War Bear Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher Ironbound Proto-Drake Red Proto-Drake Rusted Proto-Drake Twilight Drake Mount Noteworthy Feats of Strength: Emblematic - Earn any variety of Emblem. Master of Arms - Raise four weapon skills to 400. Swift White Hawkstrider - Obtain the Swift White Hawkstrider from Kael'thas Sunstrider in Magister's Terrace. WoW's 5th Anniversary - Logged in during WoW's 5th Anniversary. Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? - Raise your unarmed skill to 400. A Brew-FAST Mount - Obtain an epic Brewfest mount. WoW's 4th Anniversary - Logged in during WoW's 4th Anniversary. Spirit of Competition - Proud owner of a Spirit of Competition pet from the 2008 Spirit of Competition event. Competitor's Tabard - Proud owner of a Competitor's Tabard from the 2008 Spirit of Competition event. Estimated Value: $405.06
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.