WTS/WTT LvL80 Priest of Mitra for DaoC account.

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    (To save time im pasting my PlayerUp text) This account is a level 80 Priest of Mitra on Set. Its current gear is: All lvl 80 crafted jewelry - Socketed with Melee and Magic Resist Gems Crafted 75 Armor minus 3 pieces i believe(Helm/check/l) - Socketed with Melee and Magic Resist gems (The reason I didn't get the other 3 pieces is that the level 80 gear(Not yet unlocked on Set Server by any guild) is a rather large upgrade for these slots) This charector is speced for PvP and has a terrific record for a healer class. Other than Guardians who use health pots during duels I can kill any class 1v1. Keep in mind there may be exceptions when it comes to players templating to counter specifically a PoM. The Charector comes with 3x 27+magic dmg gems on weapon (10g per) Crafted Shield - Melee Resist gems This account has 50-60gold on the server mostly on bank toons The gems this priest is wearing add up to well over 200g The Priest is a tier 6 Gemcrafters and tier 3 Armorsmith In the inventory I have 150-200gold worth of uncut(Uncut and flawless) gems, Use them to craft gems for yourself or sell them on trader for a huge ammount of gold. BID on this account, its definitely one of the most pvp oriented PoM on the server! Dominate PvP or PvE with this charector! YOU'LL LOVE IT! I have all the info for the account and am the original owner. Only reason Im quitting is I learned I needed to take some summer classes at my college and wont have time to play it as much anymore. (Would rather just play casually with my RL friends who play daoc) If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I Consider myself an expect on PoM's and PvP. I do however lack some knowledge on PoM's in PvE... --------------------------------------------------------- Im Looking for Multiple LvL 50's or Classic Server across different realms. or High one very High RR toon on any classic realm. Or If Nothing else I'll sell the account for cash. PST! My Toon - Excellent Resists(Possibly Best PvP Equipped on server)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.