WTS/WTT Lotro Accnt 75 Hunter! 69 Mini 65 Cappy and RK Rank7 Reaver & More!

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    I am looking to sell and or trade my Lotro account. -Meneldor US -75 Hunter Rank 9 Uber! Great gear Full virtues. Owns PvP. 13k Renown in 1 day. Nuff said. -69 Minstrel Rank 5 Overpowered class very little leveling left -65 RK Rank 4 Insane damage easy to level also heals really nice -65 Captain Another OP very fun class -56 Loremaster Rank 5 Awesome class fun to play very OP -30 Burg Also has a rank 7 Reaver I have alot of time and effort into this account. Im looking for Legit offers. For selling make a Legit offer please. What i am looking for for Trade? Wow Account Prefer US Korgath and Horde but I could always Xfer and Faction change not a problem if the account is worth it. Looking for Any class at this point at the moment. Another Lotro Account Prefer Uber Anything but Hunters or High rank BA WL Defiler Spidy Warg Steam accounts Call of Duties MW2 Black Ops MW3 and Battlefield 3 Grand theft Autos and other games etc you get an idea of what i like Also taking Dinero for the account. Contact me @ 5672081488 Prefer text first or call. Do not call before 2:30 PM ESTRN or PM me on here for an email discussion or instant messege. No scammers. This is a very nice account I have Almost 3 Months gametime logged in Each character. Please contact for more info aswell. As im sure it will not dissapoint. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.