WTS/WTT Level 60 GG Cleric Perento Asmodian

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    Want to trade or sell my 60 Cleric due to I want another character. This Cleric is a great character with alot of gear and good perks. If you want a great PvP character that can solo anyone, this is the character for you. The PvP gear also works great for PvE. Weapon #1 Tac Officer's Shakujo +2 (Combined with Arena 55 Condition 2) Weapon #2 Coliseum Champion's Cudgel +2 (Eternal 55 PvP) Shield #1 Divine Coliseum Champion's Shield +1 (Eternal 55 PvP) Armor Set (Magic Boost Set) #1 Divine Coliseum Chapion's Tunic +1 (Eternal 55 PvP) Divine Coliseum Chapion's Leggings +1 (Eternal 55 PvP) Divine Coliseum Chapion's Shoes (Eternal 55 PvP) Divine Coliseum Chapion's Pauldrons (Eternal 55 PvP) Divine Coliseum Chapion's Gloves (Eternal 55 PvP) Armor Set (Magic Resist Set) #2 Antro's Hauberk (Eternal 55 PvP) Antro's Chausses (Eternal 55 PvP) Antro's Brogans (Eternal 55 PvP) Sublime Coliseum Champion's Spaulders +1(Eternal 55 PvP) Sublime Coliseum Champion's Handguards +1 (Eternal 55 PvP) Accessory #1 Rings: Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Ring x2 (Eternal 55 PvP) Neck: Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Necklace (Eternal 55 PvP) Earrings: Archon Brigade General's Turquoise (Eternal 60 PvP) Earrings: Vorpal Turquoise Earrings (Gold 55 PvE) Belt: Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Sash (Eternal 55 PvP) Head: Sublime Chain Coliseum Champion's Hood (Eternal 55 PvP) Kinah: 60KK Extra: Got alot of potions/food for usage in PvE and PvP. All stigmas are the best for PvP Magic Boost or Magic Resist (DPS, Healing & Support). Server: Perento Side: Asmodian WTT; I want to trade it for a good geared Galdiator/Ranger/Assassin. (Available for other options) Prefer Elyos side on Nexus or Perento. (Available for other options) WTS; Selling it for 300 Euros. Contact Information: Send PM here for a talk or reply on this thread. Add me on and I will be more than happy to show you the character. My name is Prompekurt.
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