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    Selling gear on L2Osiris Ranked #3 On top 200. Ok we'll im selling a Wind Rider Account lvl 79 no subs as of now. Here is a list of items on the character Valakas Necklace +3 Ring Of Baium +5 Ring Of Queen Ant +5 Zakens Earring 2x +5 4x Epic Light sets 2x Epic Robe Sets 4x Tit Light Sets 4x Tit Robe Sets 1x Tit Heavy Set Multiple Dynasty Weps SA and non SA Highest enchd Dyn bow Focus on serv Augments on WR Dynasty Dagger evasion , (Augment Evasion +4) so +7 evasion from the dagger AS Haste +10 , (Augment Active Skill Evasion lvl 10) Dyn Phantom ( Augment Solar Flare Active ) Dyn Bow Focus +3 , ( Augment Celestial Shield momentarily makes you invincible ) Dyn Bow Focus +3 , ( Active Skill Restore CP ) Dyn bow focus +5 , ( Passive Increases P.atk in PvP ) Rune Clan Hall Lot's of adena / ls's to get more augs leave offers here with your ! or in pm with your ! Keep in mind Epics are not easy obtained on L2-Osiris nor is any of this gear , and epic jewels are not donatable so im expecting some decent offers. l2osiris/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.