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    I want wts/wtt my char and items on l2inception.de/ Palladin 85 (2x hero) Certifications: spirit/haste/resist triat full enchanted skills (+15 from 3rd prof, +20 from 2nd prof) - +20 enchant skills is max in this server. EQ Armors: 1x {PVP} Elegia hvy set +16 (resist fire/earth/dark) 1x {PVP} Elegia hvy set +16 (resist water/wind/holy) 3X Elegia hvy set +16 (full resists) 1x {PVP} Elegia light set +16 (full resists) 1x elegia shield +16 1x striped shirt HP +16 1x mithril brancelet Weapons: 1x {PVP} Ethernal Core Sword (focus)+16 (150 holy) - doom chance in agu. 1x {PVP} Recurve Throne bow (focus) +16 (150 holy) 1x {PVP} Expowder Mace (health) +16 (150 holy) - active heal empower in agu 1x {PVP} Mamba edge (critical damage) +16 (150 earth) 1x Archangel sword (acumen) +16 (150 water) - hydro blast in agu 1x Sacredium (acumen) +16 (150 earth) - stone in agu 3x lawa saw (focus) +16 (150 fire) 3x mamba edge (hp drain) +16 (150 earth) 1x Ethernal Core Sword (focus) +16 (150 holy) Jewels: 3x Epic set +16 (anth/zaken/valakas/aq/baium) 1x Epic set +16 (anth/zaken/bless freya/aq/baium) Warehouse: 57k+ cookies 47k+ apiga 48k+ milk 5,6k+ bews 2,8k+ beas 1,9k+ gold bars 1k+ giant codexes 100+ giant codexes mastery 1,4+ mid rate life stones 4,5k+ normal life stones 150+ atribute life stones 13k cp pots Atribute stones: 1,1k+ water stones 900+ earth stones 1,1k+ fire stones 1,1k+ dark sones 1,2k+ wind stones 700+ divine stones Pm me with offers Server preview: maxcheaters/forum/index.php?topic=165694.0
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.