WTS / WTT EU [Nexus] Ranger 60 lvl Good Geared

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    Veteran account I Want to sell my ranger 60 level on Nexus server [Elyos/Female], good geared and ready for PvP. Gears: Tac Officer Flatbow +10 fused with Noble Coliseum Champions Flatbow Full crit +17 + Silence God Stone Gonons Hat [60 level 2 condition] Guardian Commander's Corundum Earing's x2 [60 level Abyss] GBG Neckless [55 level Abyss] GBG Ring x2 [55 level Abyss] Guardian Commander's Leather Belt [60 level Abyss] Kahrun Wings [60 level] First set [HP] Arena 60 level condition 2 Gonon's Jerkin +2 Karvo's Breeches +2 Gonon's Shoulderguards +2 Karvo's Vambrace +1 Karvo's Boots Second set [evasion] Arena 55 lvl 1 condition [full evasion] Divine Coliseum Chempion's Hat Sublime Coliseum Champion's Jerkin +1 Sublime Coliseum Champion's Breeches +1 Sublime Coliseum Champion's Shoulderguards +1 Sublime Coliseum Champion's Vambrace +1 Sublime Coliseum Champion's Boots +1 Additional items: Ksanat's Harpin Ksanat's Belt with MA (For MA set i wanted to make ) Surama dagger Surama sword 120 000 000 Kinah 1 Gold Pack unused in wh [cost 10$ in aion shop] ~1 000 000 ap [with items to exchange] Misc: 40 000 Crucible Insignia 1 000 Courage Insignia 22 Mithril Medal [Almost all medal quests undone, so its easy to get them] Some Event and remodell items L82 Enchantment Stone L75 Enchantment Stone x2 Selling account with email I want atleast 130$ for this Account PM with Offers or leave them here >_> : Symmetric4 PS: Can also trade for Guild Wars 2 account.
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