WTS/WTT Coh/Cov acct with 14 lvl 50s. Or trade for good LOTR account

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    Hi, selling this account for a ridiculously low price of 125.00 or trade for a good LOTR account. My Rep Page. spamsite/forums/u...ge#Post1336094 18 month Veteran On the Freedom Server: Level 50 Storm Summonic/Psi Assault/Power Defender Level 50 Ice/Radiation/Ice Controller has accolades, IOs Level 50 Radiation/Psionic/Power Defender has accolades, IO's Level 50 Fire/Thermal Radiation/Mu Mastery Corruptor has accolades, IO'd Level 50 Ice Armor/Energy Melee/Energy Tanker has accolades Level 50 Fire/Energy Melee/Cold Blaster has accolades, IO'd GEARED TOON Level 50 Thugs/Poison/Mace Mastermind Level 50 Ice Blast/Kinetics/Mace Corruptor has accolades, IOs Level 50 Ice/Sonic/Mace Corruptor has accolades, IO's GEARED TOON Level 41 Illusion/Radiation/Psi mastery Controller Level 48 Robotics/Dark Miasma/Mace Mastermind has accolades, IO's On the Victory Server: Level 50 Energy Melee/Electric Armor/Mace Mastery Brute has accolades, IOs Level 50 Electric Melee/Stone Armor/Mu Mastery Brute On the Guardian Server: Level 50 Fire Armor/Super Strength/Fire Mastery Tanker Level 50 Spines/Regeneration/Body Scrapper has accolades Level 50 Gravity/Sonic/Ice Controller has accolades, IO's ...cohyuen aim...aovisionary
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.