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    Main Char: Jedi Sage (lvl 50, Miralan/male) Server: Uthar Wynn (En-pvp) Republic side Gear: Has couple of lvl 50 champion (pvp tier 2) pieces, rest is blue/orange gear around lvl 50. Valor: lvl 26 Mounts: Dark side speeder (110% speed, fastest ingame + 2 more low level speeders) Alignment: Dark side V (maxed 10000/10000, grants the title The Loathsome) Professions: Biochem 400/400 (with end level reusables - med pack, stim, adrenal), Bioanalysis 400/400 , Diplomacy 400/400 Ship: Full grade 5 armoring and weapons Other info: Char has trained all ranks of all skills included speeder piloting (very expensive, cost hundreds thousands of credits), social lvl 2, class quest is complete so you have open way to all dailies on Ilum planet, currently 150 000 credits on the character Price: 149.99gbp (only paypal) Available to buy off on playerup: SWTOR account Jedi Sage lvl 50 | playerup
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.