WTS: WTS Plat V, all champs NA account.

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    Hi I want to sell Plat V, 36 lp, account with all champs and lot of skins. Champs : All Champions. 17000ip, and 1600 rp available. Over 2000 normal games played, 350 games played for rank. In a Gold level clan for 5v5 ranked team. Skins: Mafia Graves, Golden Alistar, Emumu, Frostfire Annie, Artic Warfare Caitlyn, HotRod Corki, Lord Darius, Explorer Ezrael, Hired Gun Graves, Reaper Hecarim, Season 2 skin Janna, Dragon Slayer J4, Warrkingdom J4, Temple Jax, Judgement Kayle (S1 reward), Deadly Kennen, Traditional Leesin, Kongfu Leesin, Steel legion lux, Sorceress Lux, Marble Malphite, Cowgirl Missfortune, French Maid Nidalee, Grungy Nunu, Brolaf, (Season 2 Special Riven skin,), Uncle Ryze, Lumberjack Sion, Tyrant Swain, Bloodstone Taric, Super Teemo, Aristocrat Vayne, Heartseeker Vayne, Blood Lord Vladmir, So as you can see I have lot of Skins. ( 2 Legendary ) Vlad and Brolaf Also Have rewarded skin from s1 Kayle Skin, and Reward skin for season 2, war janna. I think I have more skins but cannot remember them all. For runes, I bought all runes, and all champs until Quinn, and this took a long time. Also I have 12 pages of runes, and 20 pages of masteries where I set them up according to pro players rune settings or masteries. I'm selling this for 220 (including taxes) dollars considering its rank points too. After the sale, I can give tips or coaching on ADC / jungle and top if preferred. (Up to 5 hours) Selling this account because I have private event that is going on in my life. Price Negotiable. I don't do middle man or anything. Trading method is I give my personal info or sign a notary if you send a form. For example, I photo copy or take picture of myself and identification cards (License name/residency) confirm phone number, give out facebook info, twitter, anything that can proof my identification. After proving it and giving necessary information, You send the paypal in (only dollars) I don't know how to convert euros to dollars. Then I give out account info and everything within 5 min. Or you can suggest trading method to me. (Just not stuff.) I also don't do screen sharing or anything like that. Also this account is worth 250~300 considering champ numbers and rank points and other stuff but Im giving it in 220 ish. Please contact : kaneoven
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